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IRL is based in Auckland and service the whole of New Zealand, with projects completed successfully in Australia, Fiji, the Marshall Islands, Pago Pago and as far away as Papua New Guinea.

Our clients include Tip Top Ice Cream, Air Liquide, Figoscandia, Gordon Brothers Industries Pty Ltd, VisyPak and Trane NZ.


“Specialists in turn-key projects for industrial manufacturing and food processing plants, and pipe work for freezers.”
IRL is an engineering company specialising in pipe fabrication, providing high quality results and proudly meeting all project deadlines. As an established authority in temperature control (heat and cold), IRL will help you with installation and maintenance of pipe work for a range of applications. Piping types include stainless steel, mild steel, plastic and copper.
Our workshop staff manufactures steel to client specification - from platforms for cooling towers, to pipe spooling, through to ASME IX. And our unique Halbrac System is used for pipe support in a wide range of environments.

Installation & Maintenance

“Specialists in temperature control – heat and cold”
IRL provide a complete installation and maintenance service focussing on engineered and mechanical systems. These include refrigeration systems, steam reticulation and glycol systems, chill water systems and commercial air conditioning.
The team at IRL can take care of all your stainless steel and food-grade pipe work specifications.


“Specialists in the manufacturing of structural steel, and brackets for pipe support.”
Our workshop staff are experts with structural steel, and will manufacture to your customised specifications.
IRL deal with a wide variety of applications in the industry – for example, universal steel beams for the building industry, platforms for cooling towers, pump sets and pipe spooling.

Halbrac Systems

IRL use the Halbrac System for pipe connections – these include a range of heavy duty 2–piece pipe clamps which can be used for pipe support in any environment. Pipe clamps can be manufactured in galvanised steel, black mild steel, or S5.
The off–the–shelf Halbrac System caters for pipes with external diameters from 0.5 to 12 inches, and we can manufacture to order for pipes up to 18 inches.
Further details about our Halbrac System are available by downloading these fact sheets:

Halbrac System fact sheet, part 1

- HB2P Two Piece Pipe Clamp
- HBLP Link Plate
- HBEN Eye Nut

Halbrac System fact sheet, part 2

- HBBE Blade End
- Hanger
- HBCL Clevis
- HBRH Two Piece Pipe Clamp & Rod Hanger

Kwik Freeze (Pipe Freezing Service)

IRL provide a pipe freezing service called Kwik Freeze, which involves the freezing of piping within and during a functional line. This means repairs or modifications can be performed on a specified section of pipe, without shutting down or draining the entire line system.
There are many reasons for the need to isolate pipelines, but damage is one of the most common. If a valve has to be repaired or replaced (without shutting down and draining the whole system) pipe freezing is a reliable method saving time and money. Other routine applications include:
  • Provides line blocking where valves/stops are not located.
  • Improved maintenance capabilities during shutdown/outage periods.

IRL have two Kwik Freeze systems available depending on the requirements of the job:

  • Carbon Dioxide based (CO2) dry ice jacketed system (non-controlled temperature)
  • Liquid Nitrogen based (LN2) system (controlled temperature)

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) System

The non-controlled temperature carbon dioxide (CO2) system, involves wrapping the pipe in an insulated jacket (dry ice jacket). CO2 is then injected from a siphon tube linked to a liquid CO2 cylinder bottle. This produces very low (dry ice) temperatures and forms an inline ice plug within the pipe, resulting in an isolated pipe system. This is a cost effective system used primarily in Hvac and plumbing systems, where pipe temperatures are not a consideration.
Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) System 
Where temperature moderation is required, the controlled liquid nitrogen (LN2) pipe freezing system is the one to choose. IRL use the Accu-Freeze system, which allows the ability to freeze large diameter pipe (up to 12 inches), and control the entire freeze process.
How does this work?
The Accu-Freeze system starts off with copper tubing wrapped around the pipe and a specially designed insulated jacket around the required section of pipe to be frozen.
The copper tubing is connected with a patented temperature control unit - the unit controls the surface wall temperature of the pipe to accurately and safely create an ice plug inside the pipe. Once the plug is formed, maintenance and/or repair work be carried out.
The ice plug is formed in the section below the Accu-Freeze coil wrap and jacket, and does not expand outside the jacket parameters. It is capable of withstanding 2000 psi in pipes up to 12 inches in diameter.
The controlled ice plug does not create enough pressure to affect the integrity of the pipe. Where pipe bursts occur, it is due to ice forming in an uncontrolled manner, creating hydrostatic pressure between ice plugs or against a closure in the line.
Freeze Piping Benefits
  • Eliminates the need for a complete system drain
  • Non-intrusive method of developing temporary piping isolations
  • Internal piping fluid develops into solid and dependable freeze plugs
  • Requires no special welding or other costs often related to Line Stop Fittings
  • Avoids the need to replace costly chemically treated fluids, saving time and money
  • Minimises environmental risk, by removing the need to dispose of wastewater or toxic fluids



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